Introduction, Volume 5 (Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture)

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Journal, Dec. Taylor, Leonora Cannon. Statement, circa Thompson, Mercy Rachel Fielding. Autobiographical Sketch, Thorp, Joseph. Towle, Nancy. Burgess, Land Books, — Tucker, Pomeroy. The Women of Mormondom. Tyler, Daniel. Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher. Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Also available at kansasmemory.

Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine. Voree Herald. Voree, Wisconsin Territory. Waite, Nathan. Walker, Robert John. Boggs and the Case for Jacksonian Democracy. Garr, — Ward, Maurine Carr. Brigham Young Addresses. Papers, circa — Webb, Eliza Churchill. Letter to Mary Bond, Apr. Whitmer, David. An Address to All Believers in Christ. Plural Marriage, as Taught by the Prophet Joseph. Why We Practice Plural Marriage. History of Utah. Church History Library. Woodruff, Phebe Carter.

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Testimony, Mar. Woodworth, Jed. Young, Brigham. Diary and Reminiscences, Feb. History of the Organization of the Seventies.

Volume 5 () | Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

Names of the First and Second Quorums. Items in Relation to the First Presidency of the Seventies. Letter to Lewis Harvey, Nov. Journal, Apr. Young, Zina Diantha Huntington. Diaries, —45, , Youngreen, Buddy. Show Hide. The following abbreviations are used in this list of sources cited: BYU: L. Albany Evening Journal. Albany, NY. Amboy Journal.

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Amboy, IL. See Holy Bible. Chenango Union. Norwich, NY.

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Baptisms for the Dead, — New York Herald. Washington, DC. He brought everything together, and made connections no one else had. I remember on my mission in El Salvador hearing through the grapevine about a book by none other than one Hugh Nibley entitled something like The Egyptian Endowment , and some of what it contained, and it absolutely fascinated me. I was floored that such a book could even be written! Did the Egyptians have a ceremony and ritual similar to our modern day temple rites?

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And if so, what an amazing vindication of the prophet Joseph Smith! It peaked my interest for along time, since I did not have access to such materials on my mission, and oh how I longed for the day when I would be able to read it when I returned home. Indeed, when I returned home from my mission, I went immediately to work tracking down that book.

So the waiting began anew! It was Christmas morning for me which is quite accurate since it was published on December 30, , and I was a schoolboy all over again. I devoured that book. Well, let me rephrase that.

“By the Blood Ye Are Sanctified” - Jeffrey M. Bradshaw & Matthew L. Bowen

I placed my pinky toe into the deep end, and did my best to pick it apart. I was excited beyond belief to read about the rituals of the Egyptians, about their coronation rituals, their mummification rituals, their cleansing and purifying rituals, and afterlife rituals. It opened up my understanding of the temple to levels I thought not possible. I still return quite frequently to that book, and glean amazing insights and knowledge from its pages.

I started picking up his other books and writings, such as Brother Brigham Young Challenges the Saints , and I ate it up. This was a whole new world of scholarship and becoming acutely aware of and understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ. It fundamentally shifted my worldview, my goals in life, and my understanding of why we are here. What is it all for? Why did our Father put us here in the first place? What are we supposed to be doing? What is consecration? What is our duty to God, to ourselves, and to each other?