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We are thrilled to find an Angel An Angel comes periodically and we deem ourselves extraordinarily blessed!

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God Himself comes to us every single day in every person we meet We are eager that our blindness be dispelled to what we may never see, and perfectly willing to be blind to what we see with our waking eyes! The Lord God of Angelic Hosts!

Unlike you who ought to see, and do not — they whom you would see, and do not, know better. Is it any wonder that you — who should know God in the salt of your brother's tears — do not so much as see their Angels who ever behold the face of God?

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He comes Himself! On the other hand, perhaps we do Matthew Printable PDF Version. Two Magnificent Homiles on these evil days the Church now suffers. Joseph Illo. Father Juan Carlos Gavancho.

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An audio presentation. Prayer to Saint Michael against satan.

Printable Booklet on 1 sheet of paper, 4-fold, free. Masculinity Rising The Crucible of Man. Reliable and Solidly Catholic News.

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A Voice for the Faithful Catholic Laity. Once an application is completed and approved, families are assisted for as long as their treatment plan deems appropriate. Skip to main content. Angels Among Us Kids Families. Donate Website.

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  2. In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People.
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Year Founded: Director: Susan Nelson, Executive Director. Main Address: Jones Street.

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Omaha , NE Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn. What We Do Angels Among Us provides financial and emotional support to families whose children are battling cancer. We strive to be THE place a family battling pediatric cancer turns for help in time of need.