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Venetian literature is the corpus of literature in Venetian , the vernacular language of the region roughly corresponding to Venice , from the 12th century. Venetian literature, after an initial period of splendour in the sixteenth century with the success of artists such as Ruzante , reached its zenith in the eighteenth century, thanks to its greatest exponent, dramatist Carlo Goldoni.

Subsequently, the literary production in Venetian underwent a period of decline following the collapse of the Republic of Venice , but survived nonetheless into the twentieth century to reach peaks with wonderful lyrical poets such as Biagio Marin of Grado.

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The first evidence of the birth of vernacular Venetian and Italian is the Veronese Riddle , dating between the end of the eighth and the early ninth century, written in a language halfway between Latin and the vernacular. The first fragment entirely in Venetian, dating to circa , is the Ritmo bellunese which deals with events at Belluno in the years to Also dating to the twelfth century are the verses of the love song Quando eu stava in le tu' cathene.

In the thirteenth century we witness in the Veneto an explosion of compositions designed to meet the literary tastes of the emerging urban classes. Throughout the 14th century, the centre of literary production Venetian continued to be Padua. Premium Gold. Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll.


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