Center Field on Fire: An Umpires Life with Pine tar Bats, Spitballs, and Corked Personalities

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Planet of the Umps: A Baseball Life from behind the Plate , by Ken Kaiser and David Fisher Veteran umpire Kaiser tells the story of his career in the minors and the big leagues in a series of loosely organized anecdotes where the butt of the joke rotates between umps, players, managers, and even the occasional fan.

Soccer The Man in the Middle, by Howard Webb Webb, a policeman as well as a ref, journeyed from the backwaters of English soccer to the absolute heights of the game—refereeing the World Cup final—although an ill-tempered match tainted this honor by forcing him to produce a record 14 yellow cards.

The Rules of the Game, by Pierluigi Collina Acknowledged by many as the best referee the world of soccer has ever seen, the distinctive Italian official describes difficult decisions and the influence of crowd and players while walking readers through some of his many significant games.

His most recent is the middle-grade novel, The Phantom Tower Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Privacy guaranteed. We never share your info. Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

Follow the Booklist Reader. Popular Recent Comments Archives. Owen Klein: It is so inspiring of an interview. I struggle reading two books at a time, cant handle them. After reading a few intros I foun Theresa: However, Mary Stewart, I agree is the queen of romance mysteries and a very good writer. Theresa: Hey, you forgot Phyllis A. Whitney, who wrote a plethora of romance mystery books. Georgette Heyer. He describes his th win, his election to baseball's Hall of Fame, and his later seasons with the New York Mets before returning to close out his career with the Braves.

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Fans of the Braves, and of baseball, will love Glavine's book. It is filled with all the drama and inspiration that make the game America's passion. Similar ebooks. David Fisher. With the ending of the strategic certainties of the Cold War, the need for moral clarity over when, where and how to start, conduct and conclude war has never been greater. There has been a recent revival of interest in the just war tradition. But can a medieval theory help us answer twenty-first century security concerns?

David Fisher explores how just war thinking can and should be developed to provide such guidance. His in-depth study examines philosophical challenges to just war thinking, including those posed by moral scepticism and relativism.

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It explores the nature and grounds of moral reasoning; the relation between public and private morality; and how just war teaching needs to be refashioned to provide practical guidance not just to politicians and generals but to ordinary service people. The complexity and difficulty of moral decision-making requires a new ethical approach - here characterised as virtuous consequentialism - that recognises the importance of both the internal quality and external effects of agency; and of the moral principles and virtues needed to enact them.

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Having reinforced the key tenets of just war thinking, Fisher uses these to address contemporary security issues, including the changing nature of war, military pre-emption and torture, the morality of the Iraq war, and humanitarian intervention. He concludes that the just war tradition provides not only a robust but an indispensable guide to resolve the security challenges of the twenty-first century. Doug Harvey.

Doug Harvey was a California farm boy, a high school athlete who nevertheless knew that what he really wanted was to become an unsung hero—a major league umpire. Working his way through the minor leagues, earning three hundred dollars a month, he survived just about everything, even riots in stadiums in Puerto Rico. And while players and other umps hit the bars at night, Harvey memorized the rule book.

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In , he broke into the big leagues and was soon listening to rookie Pete Rose worrying that he would be cut by the Reds and laying down the law with managers such as Tommy Lasorda and Joe Torre. But beyond the drama, Harvey turned umpiring into an art. A book for anyone who loves baseball, They Called Me God is a funny and fascinating tale of on- and off-the-field action, peopled by unforgettable characters from Bob Gibson to Nolan Ryan, and a treatise on good umpiring techniques.

In a memoir that transcends the sport, Doug Harvey tells a gripping story of responsibility, fairness, and honesty.

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Dave Phillips. Former MLB umpire Dave Phillips was at the center of some of baseball's most unforgettable moments--Comiskey's infamous Disco Demolition Night, Gaylord Perry's spitball ejection, Albert Belle's confiscated corked bat and George Brett's pine tar bat debacle--and he shares with baseball fans the untold stories behind those incidents and many others, giving baseball fans a complete perspective on the life of an umpire. Bruce Weber. Millions of American baseball fans know, with absolute certainty, that umpires are simply overpaid galoots who are doing an easy job badly.

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Millions of American baseball fans are wrong. As They See 'Em is an insider's look at the largely unknown world of professional umpires, the small group of men and the very occasional woman who make sure America's favorite pastime is conducted in a manner that is clean, crisp, and true. Bruce Weber, a New York Times reporter, not only interviewed dozens of professional umpires but entered their world, trained to become an umpire, and then spent a season working games from Little League to big league spring training. As They See 'Em is Weber's entertaining account of this experience as well as a lively exploration of what amounts to an eccentric secret society, with its own customs, its own rituals, its own colorful vocabulary.

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