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It sounds as though JFK and Stalin are the strippers. Ipso facto the serial comma is superior, right? What if you made the first noun in that list singular instead of plural?

English translation of 'confusion'

Now the serial comma, instead of fixing a problem, becomes a problem: We invited the stripper, JFK, and Stalin. Something called an appositive is the culprit. The appositive restates the idea of the house in different terms. Notice that appositives are set off by commas. Or were they two different people?

The answer: The off-duty officer is named Sanchez.

Different guy. So a comma would have made the passage worse, not better.

French Translation of “confusion” | Collins English-French Dictionary

In a victory for folks like me who challenge blind devotion to the serial comma, the Chicago Manual, has added this caveat to its 17th edition. And the Chicago editors make an excellent point about rewording. There are multiple ways our original sentence could have been clearer. And you could probably find five other ways to rewrite this to make it clear. Support our coverage by becoming a digital subscriber.

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1 – Don’t Say “Répétez s’il vous plaît”

July 3, More on this Subject. What could be simpler? Annabel is thrilled to find a red carnation at her locker on Valentine's Day. But when it turns out to be from her best guy friend Sam, things get messy - fast!

Column:: A Word, Please: Serial commas can cause confusion too

Annabel could never like Sam that way. But her best friend Phoebe does! Annabel's perfect Valentine's Day is turning into a perfect disaster. Who knew a little red carnation could make life so complicated?

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