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We remember vividly the moments that have altered our courses; when we think back on them, we recall with a certain romanticism the mood and atmosphere.

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The act of remembering them at all can be inspiring, as it transports you to a distinct time and place, a precise moment of "before" and "after. I've had so many little such sparks that I've no doubt forgotten the majority of them. But off the top of my head, some grand moments, and some just slightly less so There was that dish at Pierre Gagnaire, whose contents I no longer recall, that amazed me so much I nearly burst into laughter.

Strolling the garden at the French Laundry between courses, peeking into the kitchen and noticing how quiet it was.

Culinary Inspiration

After dinner, seeing the word "finesse" posted above the kitchen door. The day I bought a copy of the Larousse Gastronomique. Pad Thai with dried cuttlefish and banana leaf in Bangkok, while sitting on plastic patio furniture a few feet away from bustling traffic, under an umbrella in the pouring rain. Cooking at a winery in Napa Valley: We needed a lemon, and I was told, "Just go outside and pick one. Meeting Emeril Lagasse some 10 years ago, and him saying, "I'll be hearing about you in a few years. You'll notice that the great majority of these moments were the result of travel.

It's true, our senses are hyper-acute when we leave our familiar surroundings, so it makes sense that we would notice more. But most of us, myself included, can't just hop on a plane for France or Spain or Thailand whenever we feel like it. And I remind myself all the time how lucky I am to live in a place like New York City, where there is sometimes too much stimuli. Again, it can be even more special finding inspiration when we aren't actually looking for it, like the cook who found her way in the monotony of chopping vegetables.

Or go to the supermarket with a pair of fresh eyes. Talk to your ingredients; listen to what they may have to say in response. If there's a food you can't stand eating, force yourself to try it again and ask yourself why. Buy a new kitchen tool and learn how to use it.

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Plant a garden, or at least a pot of herbs, and consider the processes at work. Learn how to make bread, then really study its inner architecture. Practice cleaning a fish and take notice of the anatomy.

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Intentionally "break" a sauce or ganache and see if you can fix it. As long as it's something you've never done before, the source really doesn't matter. And all of this need not just apply to professional cooks; I'd like to think everyone could use a positive little nudge into the kitchen. Look for the answers to your own questions. Then turn every answer into another question. Challenge yourself, if not once a day, then once a week.

These Culinary Inspirations Bring Menus Joy, Holiday Cheer

It may or may not change your life, but it certainly will make your day way more interesting. This post also appears on michael-laiskonis. We want to hear what you think about this article.

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Blueberry pie and coffee at a picnic table in Massachusetts. And an afternoon with four Italian grandmas will likely reinvigorate your soul.

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The menu focuses on straightforward Tuscan fare using the freshest local ingredients, like roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary, farfalle with caramelized leeks and tomatoes, pan-roasted zucchini, and tiramisu with farm fresh mascarpone. For those with more time, the mammas will host you in one of their homes and take you under their wing for a two-day culinary experience.

Benoit likes to start the day taking you on a tour of the famous Cours Saleya market in Nice. Nestled among picturesque buildings and only steps away from the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, Cours Saleya is one of the most beautiful markets in France.

go to site Although largely a flower market, you will find a generous offering of the freshest fruits and vegetables in Southern France, including the elusive and fragrant fraises des bois wild strawberries , as well as heavenly vanilla sea salt and spectacular sun-dried tomatoes. After coffee and ice cream, Benoit will take you to a boutique winery near his home in St. For dinner, Corinne and Benoit will direct you to some of the treasured restaurants in their tiny village.

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