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I genuinely was a toilet cleaner. Rat was a toilet cleaner. Dave genuinely was a grave digger. Rat, you see, has refused to be interviewed about The Damned, having had a bit of a falling out with the rest of the band over a - cough!

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He [Clash manager Bernie Rhodes] seemed to have heard about how the MC5 did it in the 60s and decided to copy that. While Johnny Rotten poured negativity on everything packaged up nicely, meanwhile, in Vivienne Westwood clothes and the Clash tried their hardest to live up to a manifesto, the Damned were a whole other kettle of fish.

This generally meant alcohol-fuelled destruction, nudity, vomit, reckless behaviour, verbal abuse and lashings of gob. The kinda stupid shit young working class people do, in other words.

The Damned: an epic tale of fast living and faster music

We just loved music and we just wanted to play. The fun was a bonus. Significantly, the Damned refused to go along with the idea that all the music that had come before punk was for hippies. We were only ever against the stuff that was rubbish. That said, the music scene at the time more sorely lacking in excitement.

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And it was that or the Osmonds. So when the Ramones came along it was a revelation. I thought Johnny Thunders was a great guitarist and of course Brian had come from a long line of those Keith Richards-y type guitar players. Guitarist Brian James had played at Phun City, the legendary festival in Worthing that had been the largest free festival in the UK.

When his high-octane rock failed to land an audience in the UK, he took it to a more appreciative audience in Europe. We were just too fucking up for it for them. They were trying to get a band going called London SS. And then we started auditioning people and I was just really, really surprised at the people coming out of the woodwork that were actually into that kind of music - there was no sign of them a year before.

He had this plan of taking over the world through thrashy punk music. And he had a bunch of songs that were exactly what I wanted to hear. It booted butt, and there was nothing like it over on this side of the Atlantic.

The Damned - Grimly Fiendish (1985)

Brian had already hooked up with drummer Chris Miller, soon re-christened Rat Scabies when, at his audition for the London SS, a rat appeared in the rehearsal rooms. Miller had scabies at the time; his nickname was sealed.

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And then there was these guys we were getting introduced to called the Sex Pistols, and they were playing - not with the same musical flair - but with totally negative attitudes to all the hippy-dippy stuff that was still lingering about. There was a lot of attitude, bands forming and splintering and other bands forming out of that.

It was a really exciting time for a while. I was all in black, but a little weirder looking. All made up, spikey hair and six inch tall granny boots: high lace up Victorian boots with massive heels.

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I suppose I used to look quite androgynous and I used to get loads of stick. I was forever getting into fights. It was a nightmare. When Captain was brought in he had all this corkscrew hair like Marc Bolan. He never turned up and I got the job. The weird thing is, the guy who never turned up was Sid Vicious.

Getting the gig meant Dave had to leave his job as a grave digger in Hemel. Stiff had rushed them into the studio to record the single and album before the Sex Pistols and the pace was matched by the music.

The Damned on Spotify

Fuelled on sulphate and cider, if I remember rightly. We knocked it out in two days with [producer] Nick Lowe. There's a lot of filler, so to speak. It relies on the banter to keep it going, which is moderately humorous, but nothing above what you'd hear two strangers on a bus laughing about.

I think for Damned to have been more successful, it should've really taken control over the resources it has, since the setting is that of room of sweating, miserable people. There was room for a darker sense of humour, true gallows, mischievous stuff.

The Damned: how we made New Rose

It might've retracted from the message, but that's precisely the problem. Damned is a social commentary, and that's respectable, but it's not educative ENOUGH for it to work, and nor is it risky enough to be truly comical. It's in a grey area, and it had to push one way or the other to be anything above 'decent'.

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