Der Dieb als Vatermörder (Historische Kriminalfälle 4) (German Edition)

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Still Life – The Good People of the Three Gorges (The Good People of The Three Gorges’ CH 2006

Read Dienst am Frieden. Stokowski, Margarete. The Long Night. In this episode, the long-awaited battle between the people in the north and the world of Satan with his hosts was fought. This war, which is about the spiritual level, was portrayed as the bare horror for the characters involved. This was the battle of gods and faith and, accordingly, of survival and religion. A battle of daughters and sons. Attention, even today it is not possible without spoiler. And, also for this short, weekly contribution, I must limit myself to selected aspects that are above all dramaturgically of interest and have not already been broadly discussed in reviews.

Most of the still living central characters of the series have survived this slaughter. Dramaturgically these are still needed for the last worldly struggles, the dissolution of sub-plots and the central conflict over total power, the throne. The episode begins in the night, before dawn, in anticipation of the attack, final preparations are made. Tyrion Peter Dinklage , on the other hand, grabs a bag of wine before retreating into the crypt as ordered by Daenerys Emilia Calrke.

The following shots show men and women waiting in tension and moving into position. The music and an associative montage of images combine these observations into a suspenseful opening sequence that familiarises us with the space in which the action will take place, according to an exposition. Even though Winterfell is generally familiar to the audience, this is about the battle formation that implements the plan from the central scene of the last episode and gives the space new dimensions and functions.

Woven in are details such as the repeated reference to the cold, weapons get provided, cries of dragons heard. Excitement also arises from the sound design, which underlines the silence and does not artificially incorporate additional emotional softeners. The surprising element to be expected in this episode was the return of Melisandre Carice van Houten at the end of the exposition, with which the vertical dramaturgy of this episode is given an additional individual arc.

The battle is central. Here again, the narrative of a personal fate is connected with the collective strand, as it is typical for an open dramaturgy. Klotz Of course, the figure of Melisandre must play a role in the decisive spiritual battle, since in the sense of the action it is also about the establishment of the new religion, the recognition of the God of Fire in this case.

Through her and her work, her God helped to win this battle and also to destroy the Night King. The fire destroyed the ice. The figure of Melisandre, in the situation she first met Arya Maisie Williams , predicted that she would bring death to people of different eye colours. Melisandre lists the colours, the last of the colours she mentions is blue eyes.

The end of this scene is composed in such a way that Arya walks past the camera, followed by a cut to the shot of the clearing where Theon stares into the dark and awaits the attack. The image composition and editing create a connection between these two situations. Will she be queen?

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I assume that, according to the introduction of the figure about her half- brother, she finally hands over the plot and the power to her next male relative, Aegon Jon. As already mentioned in the last text, it is evident that references to the legend of the Grail are adapted in the design.

He is rather the spiritual young man associated with the spiritual, higher power. This land is sick and sunk in war and misery because the king is wounded and no longer able to lead the country. In order to save the country, Parzival must find the Grail together with a very worldly knight trained in the martial arts, and only if all three together make it to the throne can the land be healed and peace restored.

Now Jon and Arya were already welded together in the second episode with a means proven in the theatre as a pair of figures, in which Jon had a valuable object made, which he presented to Arya, and they embraced on it. Gift and body contact weld figures together traditionally. In this way, these figures could also lead alternative plot strands over the course of the series, which complemented each other and related to each other.