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I started posting my own magazine as a teenager and then did a lot of music journalism too.

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I did this for a few years about 30 shows So, post-death became a TV show on fearnet, where I did more interviews, with people like, William Friedkin and Rick Baker. I've always been curious, and interviews are trying to teach more about the art forms and creators I admire. Although I've been a writer and filmmaker for over 30 years, this curiosity never left me, and continues with the post-Death Podcast. Basically, we've got filmmakers and creators of the horror genre whose work I admire, and I hope the audience finds it as interesting as I do!

But my first literary love was Ray Bradbury I read everything he wrote at 13 Originally, I planned to be an artist. My Father was very talented, attended art school, but he couldn't support himself and gave up raising four children and working in more common jobs. I was following this course, but at 12 I started writing tales and changed my focus from art to writing.

It wasn't really a choice, it was just something my head wanted to do. Well, first I wrote about movies, interviewing creators and stuff. But then I started trying to write script. I was advertising for movies during the day and writing scripts at night. So one of my itineraries came to the hands of Steven Spielberg's producer, a reader liked and recommended to Steven, he read and hired me to write for his amazing stories in the mid Is there a chance you can be part of a new project?

Like a movie or series about the sanderson sisters? And how was working with them? A group of friends of my directors met at festivals and industry events and played about staying together for dinner. I realized that after months or even years of conversation, it wouldn't happen unless someone decided to take it into hands and actually make it happen.

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ISC means a lot for me! I started when I was in Pre K. Every day I played alone.

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