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Read full Online Pharmacy. Home Steck-Vaughn Read On! Hannahs Voice Spirit Hannahs Voice congenital external forms The new design became closer to material, it became known for years later. About site I weekly tutor a Middle Eastern couple in English as a second language though a local library program. It was joy to find out when we first met that they are very serious Christians.

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We often use the Bible as our study text. Their home country forbids sharing Christ so they are joyously overwhelmed with the freedom of religious expression allowed in the United States. The wife also attends another language school and participates in a Bible study where she has been drawn to a woman hostile to God and Christianity. We have wondered why this lady signed up for the volunteer discussion but we figure God is at work.

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Last week while leaving my house to meet the couple a thought popped into my head. I suddenly remembered a small Seeker New Testament I had recently come across while cleaning.

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Maybe they would like an English New Testament or maybe it could be passed to the woman in the Bible study? I went back in the house and got it and then offered it as we sat down to begin our lesson.

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I was in the Bible study this morning and as I left class I asked our Lord if he would please put a New Testament in my hands to give to my new friend. All three of us sat in awe. We can start first of all by simply reminding ourselves to watch for them. It appeared totally spontaneous and unrelated to my activities.