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As a child, Stephen had difficulty learning to read due to dyslexia. He wanted to create a website with untimed, multisensory interactive games that allow children to see, hear, and touch as they learn. At Starfall, children have fun while they learn. Skip to Accessibility Starfall.

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Brought to you by Zac the Rat. The videos weren't necessarily made for kids, but kids can get a lot out of them. That's the premise of the site. Schoolhouse Rock : Animated musical educational short films that aired during the Saturday morning children's programming on the U. The topics covered included grammar, science, economics, history, mathematics, and civics. WatchKnowLearn : This site has indexed over 33, educational videos from YouTube and placed them into a directory of over 3, categories. Created by YouTube itself.

YouTube for Schools : Containing a large collection of educational materials, this newish service also gives teachers and administrators the ability to filter out everything but their own selections from YouTube.


In other words, you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Get more details here. It has partnered with many major museums and arts institutions. ArtThink : Created by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this site offers theme-based activities in visual arts, language arts, history and social studies. Using buttons in the lower left screen, you can move around the room and zoom in on the paintings, including those on the ceiling.

Provides teachers and students free maps of Europe, Asia, the U. Includes data on more than indicators. Includes interactive visualizations like rankings, graphs and maps.

All information can be exported and embedded onto the web. A Biography of America : This video series for high school and college students presents American history as a living narrative rather than a collection of facts and dates. The videos are animated and fun.

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We have a few more details here. Ancient Web : This site positions itself as the best online destination for information and resources related to the Ancient world. Ben's Guide to U. Government : A primer on American government for grades K Bridging World History : Created by Learner. Designed for use with upper secondary- and lower college-level students, this resource provides an overview of the principles of democracy and their origins, as well as an examination of how a variety of contemporary political systems function.

Provides lesson plans and best practices. Funded by the U.

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Through a series of online conversations about classic American texts, award-winning teacher-scholars Amy A. Kass and Leon R. Kass seek to educate both hearts and minds about American ideals, American identity and national character, and the virtues and aspirations of our civic life. World History for Us All : A powerful, innovative curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools.

The site offers a wealth of teaching units, lesson plans, and resources. Ideal for anyone thinking about how to teach world history to students. World Wonders Project : Created by Google, this valuable resource lets students virtually discover some of the most famous sites on earth -- for example, the ruins of Pompeii, Stonehenge, Versailles and more.

The project offers an innovative way to teach history and geography to students of primary and secondary schools. Teachers can download related guides for using these resources. It finds patterns in the collapse of southern slavery, mapping the interactions between federal policies, armies in the field, and the actions of enslaved men and women on countless farms and city blocks.

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Scott Fitzgerald and more. See our post on this series. Folger Shakespeare Library : Offers a world of online resources for teachers -- from lesson plans to study guides to videos -- for teaching Shakespeare on the K levels. We offer more details here. Offers books for kids , , and Start browsing the library here.

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  5. Find more information on our blog here. Searchable by poet, title, first lines and more. They offer the first complete collection of Shakespeare's plays , from the First Folio of , in their original spelling and orthography. And some talented Russian artists did the animation. The course moves from ancient to modern literature, and is taught by David Damrosch at Harvard. Find more details here. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts.

    You can sort by grade level.

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    Video series for high school and college classrooms. This instructional video series for high school classrooms is produced by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications and Chedd-Angier. Calculus Lifesaver : Adrian Banner, a lecturer at Princeton, has put together a lecture series in video that will help you master calculus, a subject that has traditionally frustrated many students.

    The 24 lectures are available on iTunes. Features practice questions, step-by-step explanations, engaging awards and certificates, easy-to-read progress reports, and more.

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    It provides resources for students of all ages. Its math section comes recommended by our readers. Wolfram MathWorld : Bills itself as the web's most extensive mathematical resource. Classics for Kids : Introduces elementary and middle school children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way. Carefully researched and commercial free. What about those words with irregular spellings?

    The book dribbles them in slowly but steadily. Many of the most common words are irregular— said , I , have , you —and so kids get lots of practice with them in the reading passages. And so my daughter learned to read, within about the stretch on the calendar it would take to watch all of Sanford and Son at a rate of one episode a day. Did my daughter, as the child of two hyper-literate people with doctorates, have some kind of leg up?

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