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Lautens Toronto, Canada B. Ruhr, Germany V. Snieckus Kingston, Canada T. Uozumi Okazaki, Japan H.

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Yamamoto Kasugai, Japan. Journals 11 crowd review available E- o n l y SynOpen Full Papers and Letters in Chemical Synthesis SynOpen is an international open access journal reporting current research results in chemical synthesis. It covers all fields of scientific endeavor that involve organic synthesis — including catalysis, organo- metallic, medicinal, biological and photo- chemistry — but also related disciplines such as materials and energy.

Colobert Strasbourg, France P. Cranwell Reading, UK D. Zanda Loughborough, UK chemistry and related fields SYNFORM presents news from the synthetic chemistry community, including direct links to all quoted original papers, and is available free of charge. Thus, both experimental and theoretical studies, the implementation of new synthetic methods or the synthesis of new materials, as well as new applications of new or existing materials are considered for publication. Mastalerz Heidelberg, Germany P. Besenius Mainz, Germany X.

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Zhu Beijing, P. Pieters Antwerp, Belgium E- o n l y Planta Medica is one of the leading international journals in the field of natural products and medicinal plants. Publishing 18 times a year, the journal includes original papers, reviews, mini reviews and perspectives from researchers worldwide. Drug Research Discovery, Development, Evaluation and Translational Medicine Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Gudermann Mannheim, Germany Matthias Schwab Stuttgart, Germany Drug Research is an international peer-reviewed journal presenting the latest research results related to novel and established drug molecules and the evaluation of new drug development.

Science of Synthesis helps you get up to speed on a chosen field of research quickly and complete the design of your synthetic strategy. It is your synthetic methodology tool for the most reliable chemical trans- formations available! This reference work comprises the following content and is available in several formats which are introduced on the following pages. Original Editions The largest collection of evaluated methods in organic synthesis worldwide. Houben-Weyl The popular standard reference work for chemists engaged in organic synthesis. Knowledge Updates Continuous updates about significant developments in synthetic methodology.

Reference Library Series of expert evaluated content focusing on areas of particular current interest. Reference Works 15 Essential for synthetic organic chemists To me, the true value of Science of Synthesis is its systematic approach to reprocess the state-of-the-art for any functional group. When I quickly need a competent overview of the chemistry of this or that class of compounds, Science of Synthesis is my immediate choice.

Conventional review articles do usually not provide this infor- mation. From SOS, you can easily find the history and development of each type of reaction. I use it regularly in preparation for classes and for consulting visits — it simply gives me the information I need far more easily than any search engine is capable of — and very often contains references and insight that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Editor- in-Chief Editorial Board A. Ruhr Germany E. Carreira Zurich, Switzerland G. Koch Basel, Switzerland G. Molander Philadelphia, USA. Reference Works 19 Explore contents This function gives a concise overview of organic and organometallic chemistry and offers a systematic approach to the most reliable synthetic methods. Full text Science of Synthesis is the only resource available containing methods with full-text reviews by experts, experimental proce- dures and accurate, well-drawn and detailed reaction schemes.

Sign up for a free trial: www. Kobayashi Tokyo, Japan S. You Shanghai, P. Nevado Zurich, Switzerland. Experts in the field present the best and most reliable methods currently available, from long-established methods to state-of-the-art approaches. The Workbench Editions are a great addition to the bookshelf of chemists who do not have access to the electronic version of Science of Synthesis at their institution. Photocatalysis in Organic Synthesis B.

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Jamison, G. Nolan, C.

Ma, S. Faber, W. Fessner, N. Molander, M.

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Larhed, J. List, K. Molander, P. All our content is easily accessible through the Thieme E-Product platform. Tables of contents and graphical abstracts help to provide a quick overview before you dive into the full-text articles. The available e-alerts help you to stay on top of the latest literature.

Access our content online: www. It provides ready access to syntheses, patents, and applications for more than 2, active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs. The information is also available on STN.

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For more than 30 years, Pharmaceutical Substances has been a standard reference in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As a woman, can I say it back to him in that dialect? He also calls me soul partner First of all, it does not depend on the dialect. Like Stephie mentioned it highly depends on the context. But the possesive meine is actually a very strong sign of addressing you like in "my love" the same ambiguity like in English still applies.

If he wouldn't use "meine" then it the phrase can be related to runlevel0 answer: When addressing the person you can use "Liebe Frau Mustermann, ich habe eine Frage That would just mean "Dear Mrs.