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I have a few questions on applying the rapid skills acquisition principles to two spheres of life that I am struggling with:. Broad question — So I love your advice for learning skills you have mastered in the past and can easily follow your roadmap and advice for learning those skills quickly. Any tips on how I accelerate freestyle dancing within 6 months, without joining a weekend dance class? So essentially my question is how do I use your principles and framework for skill deconstruct and apply it to say freestyle jazz dance to reach a proficient level within 6 months with Minimum Effective Effort.

How can I use your principles and apply them to studies.

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Is there a way to score high but with minimum effort I am asking for the Holy Grail here? Is it something with a long overarching plot like Lost? Or does it include shows like the Simpsons? This was helpful, but to be honest was still too much work for me.

1. Survival Basics: Simple French Travel Phrases

Step 1: For dollars I took a beginner Spanish course that was 5 x 2 hour classes. While taking that class, I would force myself to study for just 1 hour a night. I would study notes from class. I found this helpful to memorize a few hundred words and some phrases. I would write out paragraphs or sentences of things I wanted to know how to say in Spanish and then memorize them fully by repeating them out loud times.

This helped to memorize several words. Step 2. I created a phrase calculator. This was just a simple piece of lined paper folded into 4 quadrants so it opened like a book. On the first page were things like Me, I, You, I like and things like that that were starting points for phrases. I could flip through my calculator and come up with phrases and questions that were grammatically correct. I did the same for numbers as well.

Step 3: Tinder. And I started swiping right. And with some very attractive women. This made it fun and interesting to try and talk in spanish which further helped my learning.


So after reading hundreds of profiles I started to quickly notice the same words and phrases over and over again. It was like having the same conversations over and over again so it was easy to memorize how to say certain things. And when I was wrong, the girls thought it was cute and wanted to correct me politely. Extreme hardcore. Facts for whatever. Fan mail from some flounder? Farfanadas desestabilizadoras.

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Feel like a real ash. Flatbush accent. Fold and read chapters.

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For the play as a whole. For today, tomorrow, and for every day looking forward. For what it's worth. Fortune favors the brave. Al hombre osado, la fortuna le da la mano. Arroz con leche o muchas otras. Fresh off the heels. From the street up. Goof, gaffe, blooper, slip og tongue. Geek is chic. Get a clue, find the treasure in you.

Get a headache from the weight of all the gold stars on the crown. Get away with. Get over it!

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Get under that one. Give somebody a break. Give us the grease. God does not ask us to dig a ditch with a sledge hammer. Groom your tooth. Ground to dust and ash. I am afraid to talk to strangers. I haven't been able to take care of my passport or visa yet. I'll go with you so you don't screw it up.. Hang Loose. Happy camper. Hazme un tirulo see explanaion below. He didn't know any better.

He is taking the book from the woman. He says what he means and means what he says. He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. Here lies a man who knew how to enlist in his service better men than himself. He's gone bananas for me He's holding his cards close to his vest. No pone todas sus cartas sobre la mesa. Pacheco, grifo, moto, motorolo, pasado Mexico. Es ya habitual que no siga los cauces establecidos a la hora de formular sus quejas.


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His bark is worse than his bite. Hold a good thought for me. Holding Things Up. Hoochie coochie man. Maleantes disfrazados de juez. How am I supposed to fit in? How does that compare with your understanding? I can catch more fish than you. I caned her along. I can't get enough of him. I cross my heart and hope to die.