Les secrets dAmy - Les lumières de Noël : (promotion) (Prelud) (French Edition)

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Because of their real Irish settings, these stories are well-suited for multicultural collections.

And whether the Irish brogue is there or not, one can easily imagine these stories being read aloud over and over again. Dunedin: John McIndoe, ISBN coming of age Mel insults the Minister of Education during his visit to her school because he embarrassed her best friend Wai, a redheaded Maori girl. To her surprise, Wai is not at all thankful, but angry. The very same day, Mel decides to leave school and hitchhikes to Christchurch where her father lives.

During the following days she learns more about herself and finds a new friend. She finally returns home upon learning that Wai has died in a car accident. This award-winning novel deals with a crucial time in the life of a young girl in a very believable narrative style. Each passer-by, Cloud, Rain, Thunder and Lightning, in turn suggest that something is wrong with her.

Rainbow, however, advises her to ask the spirit of the sea to still the wind and calm the waves. At last she can see her dazzling reflection and is happy. This simple fable is faced off against illustrations in striking, bright-hued pastel rainbow tones which give faces and personalities to the natural characters of the story. Her parents fear that she will not like being different from other children, but as she grows older she finds that having an extra eye comes in handy.

She finds lost objects in hard-to-see places, helps a boat captain navigate in the fog, and even identifies bank robbers.

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Readers will have great fun with Emily's high spirited adventures and gain some insights into her adjustments to being different. The pen-and- ink illustrations underscore the playful quality of the text. The author has already published numerous books in his adopted home of Australia. Both sides suffered disastrous casualties, mostly among the Ayrnore and other Indian groups who were forced to fight in a war that was not their own.

In Bolivia, the war became a symbol for the suffering and oppression the Indian peoples had endured for centuries and they began to fight for their civil rights. This is the historical background for the story of Bartolina Ch'oke, a young Aymara girl who comes of age in the s and witnesses the beginning of change in her people's way of life.

ISBN friendship - rivalry - sharing Zinnia and Dot, two hens who live alone in an old chicken coop, spend their time fighting about whose eggs are the most beautiful and perfect.

One day a weasel steals all their eggs except for one. They agree to share the egg until it is hatched, but still hate each other.

MADE IN FRANCE : Apt, ville des lumières de Noël

When the weasel returns again. This common victory is the starting point for their friendship and when the baby chick is hatched, it grows up with two mother hens.


The bright and simple illustrations hilariously portray the interaction of the two smug hens. This black cowboy made a such lasting impression on people who knew him that a highly readable biography could be written about the man whose name is associated with a bone pit, now known as the Folsom Pit, where first proof was found for the existence of Indians in North America over 10, years ago.

The changing social structure during McJunkin's life- time, especially the position of Blacks, is an undercurrent theme. The fascinating process of tracing the life and acquaintances of one individual in recent history is described in an appendix. While documentary details remain in the foreground, the author uses an anecdotal approach with frequent dialogue to portray his characters and the key events. ISBN poetry international When a topic or theme like "multiculturalism" comes into vogue, whether in children's literature or any other field, many projects develop which are clearly done just to corner a piece of the market.

And then again an idea may be realized and a work produced which probably never would have come about or received such publishing support without a strong impetus. Such is the case here. In , the prize-winning American poet Naomi Shihab Nye sent out a call to all corners of the earth for entries for this collection and probably never dreamed of the great response she would receive. Her immediate goal was to find more poems from contemporary poets from other "foreign" countries to share with younger readers when working as a poet-in-the-school, to help them learn more about writing poetry and to open windows to new friendships.

In the end she selected poems from 68 countries and arranged for excellent English translations. The poems are grouped under six general headings, although, in one sense, each poem actually stands alone just as much as it stands together with the others.

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As one reads one begins to feel the presence of an international community - that is the essential and special experience which this volume helps create. For those readers who feel they have found a new friend, there are biographical notes on the authors; also included are a world map, an index to countries and an alphabetical author index. As an international anthology of translated poetry, it seems conceivable and commendable that the original works also be published in other languages, taking one more step toward closing the circle. At first they are cautiously welcomed by their hosts, but when it becomes clear that they are really captives, they escape to the Japanese settlement on another part of the island.

They find the Japanese preparing for war against the Ainus. Soon the two friends are torn in their loyalties and realize that they have to try to prevent the war. This historical novel tells a story that is very important today; tolerance and understanding between different cultures can only be achieved with great effort. ISBN vision animals Setting out from the explanation of how eyes work, this informational book traces the developments in animal vision from the oldest or most primitive creatures up to the advanced primate and human eyes. Through comparison and contrast, readers learn that there are animals with clusters of eyes, eyes at the end of tentacles, and even eyes which create their own light.

Although there is still much more to be learned about animal sight, modern science has been able to develop useful technologies based on the knowledge gained about animals' different methods of seeing. The text is clearly written and well-organized and illustrated by beautiful color photographs. An index provides access to terms defined or mentioned throughout the book. ISBN Rosa Parks autobiography - African-Americans - civil rights movement USA In this compelling account, Rosa Parks writes about her childhood and the events that led up to her refusal on December 1, , to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Her act of civil disobedience set in motion the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott and the subsequent decision of the Supreme Court on desegregation. The history of the civil rights movement is told by one of its most prominent activists and illustrated with high-quality documentary black-and-white photos. The historical significance of this particular period and the personal integrity of one individual are very well expressed in this autobiography.

Their writings speak of issues that are central to members of an oppressed minority: identity, family and community, ritual and ceremony, education and history. This book is typical of many that were published in dealing with the experiences of ethnic minorities in the United States. ISBN X fairy tales adaptation The author and illustrator are gloriously successful in this spoof at two levels. Secondly, the content and moralistic intent of 10 standard European fairytales have been turned into slapstick farces.

The illustrations, at times resembling the color and line of European modern art, employ a vast variety of techniques, styles and perspectives which draw the reader to take a closer look. Here she allows 13 other artists in addition to herself to tell their own story and asks them eight additional questions which reveal what they have in common or do differently in their working lives.

Narratives Unbound: Historical Studies in Post-Communist Eastern Europe

Characteristic illustrations of each artist are included as well as a glossary of basic art and book terminology and five titles of each illustrator's favorite own books. This work is primarily anecdotal and does not enter into artistic discussions about media, perspective, etc. Physically handicapped as a child, Sundiata is nonetheless made his father's heir but is forced into exile by his usurping older half-brother.

In another city his talents were recognized and he was trained to be the leader his father had destined him to become. When his homeland is invaded, he is asked to return. The most striking feature of this book is the spectacular double- spread illustrations of cut and elaborately assembled colored papers.

An endnote explains the important historical background of the story, its survival until today and the artist's efforts to accurately portray African culture. This particular plot structure and the author's narrative tone make the individual episodes tangible and warm. The color, form and content of the large pictures are worked together into an harmonious whole. Mitternachtsspiel Midnight Game Saizburg: Neugebauer, Exquisitely laid out, the book extends an invitation to parents and children to make up their own stories.

Thus we find a spectrum of inspiring ideas in artistically akribic delicate workmanship in this little book. Typeface, paper coloring, page design are diversely presented. Each page reveals a new lyrical picture world. A book which will become a classic for children and adults. Reisende auf dieser Welt. ISBN Romas - Austria 20th century - concentration camps - everyday life - children's book Born in , the child Ceija Stojka and her family experienced persecution at the hands of German fascists and internment in the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

After the family resumed traveling by wagon through Austria, earning their living by trading horses.


Due to progressive mechanization, this way of life became economically unviable for the Romanic families, and most were forced to put down roots, - The author's memories are related in a very lively manner and elucidate some of the rough romanticism - and some of the difficulties - of the wandering life- style. Despite the fate suffered by many of the Romanic peoples, one finds no hatred of Germans in the pages of the book - only sadness about those people who do not listen to reason.

This one, based on Ion Pop Reteganul's collection Povesti Ardelenesti , communicates the irrefutable argument that whoever does not have enough physical strength to fight against someone stronger perhaps even a dragon should try to gain the victory by exercising cunning and intelligence. The farmer Stan Bolovan does just that: he not only lives to tell the tale but also brings home a lot of gold.


With their flowing transitions and atmosphere of harmony despite the adventurous content , the illustrations remain within the anthroposophic tradition. How the avid ice-skating carp cuts artistic figures on the ice and, thus, may keep the skates which a small girl forgot on the frozen pond. Vivacious illustrations which extend beyond the edge of the page, not at all appropriate for children in the pedagogical sense i. Whoever laughs last gains courage! They are friends in the circus "Liev. The large-print text could be exciting for children beginning to read, the pictures also for smaller children who could look at the book without their parents.

The quality of the layout radiates peace and harmony. ISBN propagation - sex education - bears - picture book The big bear consults with a hare, a fish and a bird about how he can become a father. It is spring, and his mother has unfortunately only told him a story about a cloud where small bears live before they come into the world. This leaves him sad and feeling helpless - until a she-bear comes along who knows more about having children. The substantial animal radiates flawless situational comedy in his substantial child's helplessness in the face of the existential questions of life.

An especially big adult, so to speak, who is also dependent on help: it is good for a child to know that such things can happen. ISBN love - girls - women - partnership - lesbian relationship - young adults book A highly interesting new configuration of this species of books for girls: it reports about this communal partnership of an adult woman and a young girl.