Looking in for Number One: Adventures in Uncommon Sense

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The holy wars between "whole language vs.

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As Robert Sylvester, noted brain researcher says about nurture vs. In OII we've come to realize that all three approaches are needed at developmentally appropriate times. As we continue over time to revisit the four directions, there will be times when we build upon our foundations, upgrade our processes, and enter new contexts for applying what we learn. As a jazz musician, I treasure the freedom that improvisation confers on my investigations and expression. I also realize that this freedom came through thousands of hours of rote practice on rudiments, scales, chords, and studies.

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There's a time and place for each of these approaches, and by focusing on the needs of the learner rather than the preferences of the teacher we may just arrive at a harmonious way of blending the strengths of each. Milken Exchange on Education Technology: www.

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Uncommon Sense

All Rights Reserved. Spring Volume 16 Number 2. Home Articles Pages Uncommon Sense. Update Pedagogy and Assessment If the love of learning isn't at the center of professional development efforts, don't even bother.

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Authentic, Challenging Tasks We are entering a time of convergence, but we may have to work around customary boundaries. End the Holy Wars There is so much we need to learn.

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Luckily, we can learn from each other. Pembroke, North Carolina, United States. Rob Cole Sonship. Booking Info. Help Fund my new Worship EP. PURPOSE My passion is to see people step into authentic encounters with Abba, and to see a generation step out of the 'function of worship' into their identity as 'worshippers' John Israel Campbell.

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Abner Suarez. Something Real.

Once we realize that we will never "arrive," our pursuit of the skills and techniques that will make our students more effective learners becomes an adventure worthy of a lifetime commitment. This powerful attraction can both rejuvenate seasoned professionals, as well as inspire the incoming educators who will replace the 50 percent of our profession who will retire over the next few years. Professional development offerings must serve lifetime needs.

User-directed and just-in-time learning are guiding principles we've embraced in building OII's curriculum, "Four Directions for Lifelong Learning. The techniques available to us will continue to evolve, and establishing a structure which permits us to revisit these skills as the need arises is uncommon sense in motion. How much better it would be to approach the Web as a way of opening a window into student performance by sharing student work internally over the network so that each student can get timely feedback on their efforts, allowing educators to adjust for the needs of each student. Once this window is opened, it can become a bridge for partnership between parents, teachers, students, and the wider community.

Seen this way, the need to gain skills in web page building can drive the content of professional development, instead of how it's usually done now teach the skill and then look for ways to practice so it's not forgotten. The skills our students will need to draw upon as they take their place in the world that's now being transformed are distributed in ways that don't reflect how our profession is organized. For example, information literacy encompasses a core skill set that usually resides outside the schools of education that prepare teachers. How can we expect teachers to model effective use of the Internet when the concepts and tools that provide a foundation for this use seem like a foreign language with respect to pedagogy?

Other vital information concerns bringing instruction into alignment with what three decades of brain research has to tell us about how human beings learn. What educator wouldn't rather design learning experiences which harness the internal workings of the brain, instead of striving to succeed in spite of them as we do now, too much of the time?

Today's debate around public education involves three competing approaches: traditional, progressive, and transformative. In the traditional approach, we focus on fundamentals, asking only questions to which the answers are already known.


Looking in for number one : adventures in uncommon sense epub download free

In the progressive, process is as important as product, so we stress how we arrive at any answers, rather than the answers themselves. In the transformative, the context within which we seek the answers to authentic challenging tasks provides a route to the deepest, most meaningful learning. The holy wars between "whole language vs.