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Once again, I wish to express my deep-felt gratitude. We all feel the warm support which we encounter everywhere, on special occasions, as well as in day-to-day life.

Let us carry our experience — good and not so good — into the new year and let us embrace the year in a spirit of hope and confidence. Email Address. She is a political scientist and historian after graduating with a degree in the topics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in December She also holds a master's degree from Northeastern University. She enjoys reading and researching all things regarding the royals of the world. Her love of royals began in middle school, and she's been researching, reading, and writing on royalty for over a decade.

She became Europe Editor in October , and then Deputy Editor in January , and has been featured on several podcasts, radio shows, news broadcasts and websites. Latest posts.

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The first American Princess of Monaco 11th November By doing so, they provided a guarantee for making the range of consumer goods varied and improving their quality. The agricultural sector, by actively introducing scientific farming methods, increased the ranks of high-yield farms and workteams and reaped an unusually rich fruit harvest in spite of unfavorable climatic conditions.

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  4. Amid a vigorous struggle for the creation of the Mallima speed, new model units emerged one after another, and a large number of factories and enterprises fulfilled their quotas of the yearly national economic plan ahead of schedule and made a proud achievement of surpassing their peak-year levels. The socialist education system was further improved and the educational environment upgraded, while medical service conditions were bettered.

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    An example of artistic performance activities was created to infuse the whole country with revolutionary optimism and the militant spirit, and our sportspeople won victories in different international competitions. Our Party and people achieved such signal victories others could never think of achieving by their own efforts in the face of the sanctions-and-blockade moves the United States and its vassal forces perpetrated more viciously than ever before to stamp out the rights to sovereignty, existence and development of the DPRK.

    Herein lies the source of their dignity and their great pride and self-confidence. I would like to extend my warm thanks once again to all the people and service personnel who victoriously advanced the cause of building a powerful socialist country, always sharing the destiny with the Party and braving all difficulties and trials on the eventful days of last year. A breakthrough should be made in re-energizing the overall economic front this year, the third year of implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development.

    The electric-power industry should maintain and reinforce the self-supporting power generation bases, and direct a great deal of efforts to developing new power sources.

    North Korea rally in support of Kim's New Year address

    A dynamic campaign should be conducted to drastically increase thermal power generation, and lower the loss of electric power and increase its production as much as possible by maintaining and reinforcing imperfect generating facilitates. Provinces should build power generation bases to suit their local features and put power generation at the existing medium and small-sized power stations on a normal footing to satisfy the needs of electric power for local industry by themselves. Alternated production should be organized scrupulously throughout the country, and a vigorous struggle waged against the practices of wasting electric power to make effective use of generated electric power.

    It is necessary to ensure a preferential, planned and timely supply of electricity, concentrated iron ore, anthracite, lignite, freight wagons, locomotives and funds for the metallurgical industry.

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    The chemical industry should step up the establishment of the C1 chemical industry, push the projects for catalyst production base and phosphatic fertilizer factory as scheduled, and renovate and perfect the sodium carbonate production line whose starting material is glauberite. Notably, the rail transport sector should make the best use of the existing transport capacity by making transport organization and control more scientific and rational, and maintain discipline and order in the railways as rigid as in the army, so as to ensure an accident-free, on-schedule rail traffic.

    Light-industry factories need to transform their equipment and production lines into labor- and electricity-saving ones and produce and supply more diversified and quality consumer goods with domestic raw and other materials, and provinces, cities and counties should develop the local economy in a characteristic way by relying on their own raw material resources. The agricultural and fishing fronts should effect an upswing.

    Kim Jong Un says North Korea isn't making nukes, warns US on sanctions

    We should introduce seeds of superior strains, high-yield farming methods and high-performance farm machines on an extensive scale, do farming scientifically and technologically so as to fulfill the cereals production plan without fail, and boost the production of livestock products, fruits, greenhouse vegetables and mushrooms. We should enhance our ship building and repair capacities, launch scientific fishing campaigns, and re-energize aquatic farming. Building on the success we achieved in the forest restoration campaign, we should properly protect and manage the forests that have already been created, improve the technical conditions of roads, conduct river improvement on a regular basis, and protect environment in a scientific and responsible manner.

    Every sector and every unit of the national economy should enlist their own technical forces and economic potential to the maximum and launch a dynamic struggle to increase production and practice economy, so as to create a greater amount of material wealth. A shortcut to developing the self-sufficient economy is to give precedence to science and technology and make innovations in economic planning and guidance.

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    Every sector and every unit of the national economy should make a contribution to achieving production growth by intensifying the dissemination of science and technology and waging a brisk technological innovation drive. The Cabinet and other economic guidance organs should work out a realistic operational plan to carry out the national economic plan for this year and push forward the work for its implementation responsibly and persistently. Positive measures should be taken by the state to ensure that the socialist system of responsible business operation proves its worth in factories, enterprises and cooperative organizations.

    It is necessary to strengthen the ranks of teachers, improve the contents and methods of education as demanded by the trend of developing modern education, apply the people-oriented character in public health service in a thoroughgoing way, and boost the production of medical equipment and appliances and different kinds of medicines.

    We should conduct mass-based sporting activities briskly, create sporting techniques and tactics of our own style, and produce artistic and literary masterpieces which truthfully depict the heroic struggle and life of our service personnel and people in the Mallima era and the beautiful and sublime features proper to human beings. In this way, we can crush the bourgeois reactionary culture by dint of our revolutionary socialist art and literature.

    Macron delivers law and order message in New Year's speech

    A vigorous struggle should be waged to tighten moral discipline throughout society, establish a socialist way of life and eliminate all kinds of non-socialist practices, so as to ensure that all the people, possessed of ennobling mental and moral traits, lead a revolutionary and cultured life. By AFP - January 2, pm. Reuters Photo.

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