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Why Choose Pinpoint

How are we different? We start by taking a collaborative approach to align with your teams values. Your combined development skills and passion for software quality enable you to assess and mitigate risks. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience recruiting within the technology industry. We speak your language and understand the industry.

As Talent advisors, we help inform both candidates and clients about the job market. Skip to content. Connecting quality candidates with world-class tech companies in Ottawa Canada and beyond. Job Search. Candidates Employers. PinPoint Talent. What we do.

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Permanent Placement. How we work. At PinPoint Talent, we have a proven method to matching candidates and employers. We place a huge emphasis on human interaction. Want to know more about hiring conditions across the National Capital Region? Every new opportunity is unique. Current Opportunities. Software Architecture. Back End Development. Through the Agency - no job security, bonuses, free lunches or mileage. Yes 2 No 4. Basically have to be on the dole or claiming benefits just to take part on the training course, even though I recently completed the exact same course with another agency, just another money making scam since they are funded by government, just like all other agencies, avoid pinpoint and mtrec.

Yes 17 No 1. Have you not noticed its pinpoint putting all the 5 star reviews. I was told I had to do a course to get onto a job in the nestle factory so I would have the relevant qualifications. So obviously I was over the moon it would of been the best paid job I had ever had, 2 weeks later still no phone call. Yes 4 No. I have found Pin Point a great place to work.

Employability Training

All the consultants are friendly and communicate with me regularly. I have always been provided with plenty of shifts and working for an agency gives me flexible working. Yes 6 No Leave a review. Help people like you. People rely on reviews to make better decisions.

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Help them out by rating your employer. After recently being out of work, this company was recommended to me by a friend.

I have now worked here for nearly a year and I am very happy with my role in the Care Industry with Pinpoint. Flexible hours, Customer Service, friendly consultants! Yes 3 No Administrator Former Employee - Arc-protect - August 23, Was contacted by this agency in January, clearly stated I was looking for a part-time role 3 days a week "yes yes yes that's fine we've got something blah blah" was given the wage and that it was minimum 3 month contract. Started the job agreed to do full time first week for training, the following week when I reiterated to the manager that I would be part-time he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and had not been made aware of anything about my hours.

Thankfully the manager accommodated me, payday comes, was getting paid about 30p less per hour than was stated, half the staff didn't get any payslips for weeks, very poor attitude when trying to resolve these issues. Was at the job for a couple of months when all the staff got a text Monday morning saying not to come in, and then another text 2 days later saying that the contract had ben cancelled.

Pinpoint IT Services, LLC. Careers

No further contact since then the manager even blanked me when I saw him Sainsburys! The whole time working with them I was actually in shock that they were a real agency I have never experienced anything like the poor organisation and communication of PinPoint. I have worked for many agencies some better then others but none of them are comparable to PinPoint. Horrendous organisation, communication, attitude, misleading.

Yes 2 No. After 3 days I received a text after I finished at 5 o'clock to say the work is finished. Rang recruiter only to be told in a rude manner that she's finished work and not to bother her. Horrible agency, nothing more than a number. Yes 78 No 1. Do not go to pin point done a week course. Then a 3 day line trial had to pay for boots for lear done 3 nights with a lad i was on the line 3 nights same job 3 night the lad i was training with was on line 1 i was on line 2 after the 3 night i called pinpoint they said i past 1 week later i called to see if i had work they told me i didn't pass plzzz stay away.

Yes 62 No 6. After several weeks of UN employment back in march and many attempts to get work from several employment recruitment agencies I contacted Pin point selection and explained my need to find work which the consultant was very polite and considerate and promised me will keep me shortlisted for any upcoming job as electrician mate within my area. After 3 days I received the good news from them they manged to get me work in one building site which lasted for 7 weeks The working conditions with there client was very professional and I did get paid on time every week.

It was excellent customer service and very professional I contacted them again to arrange other job for me which I am looking forward for it. My thanks to all the management team at Pinpoint. Yes 4 No Yes 16 No I did not get paid for 3 weeks of work so I rang them for a month straight to try and get it sorted out.

Every time I rang they would say they were sorting it out for me and that they'd ring me back.

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I never got a phone call. The next time I tried to contact them, I sent an imessage because they weren't answering my calls. They read and ignored the message, so I rang again to find out I had been blocked from calling the number. Yes 85 No 1. Broaden your knowledge as they will send you to different workplace most of the time.

Agency gets more money but their staffs rate are crazy low, stagnant career. Yes 45 No 4. Attended a week's course with a promise of work after training completed. Never had an hours work since July when I signed my contract. No contact at all from them, had to pay for my uniform so out of pocket before even starting non-existent job. Have now handed in my notice as do not want to be associated with such a shoddy outfit. Yes 79 No 6. Worked for theses guys for an hour yes a whole hour, was told to go home because the role no longer existed and I didn't get paid for my whole hour terrible management at the company in Pallion and even worse at pin point they didn't know what they were doing promised me a not here role but I didn't here back from them.

I tried to phone up on meny occasions but just ignored my calls.