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He challenged Kenney to get the sponsorships for all refugees moving more quickly so they can get to Canada before it's too late. The president of the Ugandan community in Manitoba said the homophobia in his former home is the result of extreme fundamentalist Muslims and Christians. American evangelicals have stoked the homophobic flames in Uganda. Here in Winnipeg, it's different, he said. If a group sponsored a gay person from Uganda, local Ugandans wouldn't shun them for their sexual orientation.

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Discrimination: Homosexual Survivor Stefan Kosinski

Read full biography. Have Your Say Display comments. How he reacts to that truth will largely dictate his future perception of you.

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But, in order to preserve a place that he may return to one day, you have to allow him to get angry and walk away. Then, like the father of the prodigal son, all you can do is pray and wait.

There is no evidence for a biological or genetic determinant for homosexuality; even the very gay-affirmative American Psychological Association cannot claim that anyone was "born gay. There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.

Oftentimes, a boy who later comes out as "gay" experienced difficult circumstances in his own family. Whether these situations were due to domestic violence, abandonment issues, neglect, an overprotective mother and a disinterested father, molestation, or even bullying at school, these early experiences sometimes leave "gay" men with a profound sense of loss.

In order to fill that void, they attempt to self-heal through sexual behavior with other men.

Rainbow Railroad: The organization saving LGBT citizens from hostile governments

The Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to the family as a "domestic church. For every "gay" man seeks the same sort of harmony that is biologically possible in heterosexual couples but results in only a simulacrum when imitated by two men. And, instead of the potential for generating life, the all-male imitation of copulation brings forth only death — through the rise of the AIDS epidemic and a continuing scourge of rampant STDs among the gay male community. The total opposite of this disorder can be appreciated in Catholic men who are husbands and fathers as they mirror not only the tremendous courage and self-sacrifice of Saint Joseph, but the love of the Father, through the death of His Son, for all of humanity.

This is obvious from the fact that he calls them 'sick. If they condemn actual adultery, Jesus condemns adultery already at the stage of desire; if the law says not to kill, Jesus says that we must not even hate or insult our brother. To the sinners who draw near to him, he says 'Go and sin no more;' he does not say: 'Go and live as you were living before.

Never be afraid to initiate a conversation. The person your son most fervently disregards is also the person he most wants approval from; the person your son would rather not talk to is also the person he most desires to have a connection with. Therefore, it's important that you begin the discussion. Usually, this will immediately elicit a response of avoidance, curiosity, or disdain.

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The conversation may end before it starts. But given the opportunity — the truth must be stated out loud. This may be your only chance. Therefore, it's better for someone to walk away upset, after hearing the truth, than remain in an oftentimes silent and tacitly facilitating relationship.

You have to be willing to fully take on the role of the father to the prodigal son. And sometimes that means saying goodbye — staying behind, and praying as if your son's life depends on it — because it does. Find a quiet chapel, close your eyes, and ask God for His help.


Thank Him for giving you the patience and strength to endure and for keeping your son alive, so that one day he may perhaps turn around and head back home — where you will be waiting. John Vianney.

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Deny yourself little pleasures, such as a favorite meal, snack, or drink. Skip a lunchtime break and instead attend Mass or visit an Adoration Chapel. Oftentimes, when a loved one does something that we know is wrong for him, he is oblivious to the perilous situation he has placed himself in — and we are the people who suffer. But your suffering is not in vain — when combined with prayer, it will perhaps make the difference between life and death for your son. Never think, just because the two of you are not speaking — that what you are doing every day of your life is not having a direct impact on your son.

Remembering Gay Victims and Rescuers of the Holocaust

The unappreciated and unnoticed prayers of my father, while I danced the night away in a San Francisco gay disco, although I didn't know it, kept me from utterly destroying myself. The father I abandoned and despised — never abandoned me. Every day, make it a habit to recite the rosary. Set aside a certain time that is dedicated to this prayer.

If possible, pray the rosary with your wife, other family members, or alone. At first, like much of what you are doing on behalf of your son, it seems ineffectual and hidden, but if and when your son returns to his senses, the worth of those prayers and sacrifices will be revealed. Until that day arrives, you must remain vigilant; as Padre Pio remarked, the rosary is a "weapon" through which you will defend your son from the demonic forces of confusion and deceit.

My father prayed the rosary daily for my conversion. If you give up on your son — it's almost over. When I was a kid, I tried to hide.

I thought being artistic, effeminate, and shy made me "gay. While I may have exhibited a natural aptitude toward creativity, the insular world of drawing and picture-making became a safe escape from what I wasn't good at — namely, sports or any physical activity which required a modicum of hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Was I effeminate, or did I become reclusive and unsure of myself, soft-spoken, scared of other boys, but accepted by some girls? Did I begin to take on the outward expressions of my peer group? As a boy, when I was comfortable with my surroundings, especially around women — I was bouncy and exuberant; among men, I didn't know what to do. By my late teens, I didn't care what anyone thought of me, including my father. As my attitude changed, so did my appearance.

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I was simultaneously trying to shock, gain attention, and test the loyalty of those closest to me. Not surprisingly, my father wasn't pleased. His continued distance and silence signaled to me what I wanted to know. However, I pushed a little further. Finally, my father had to speak up, and he said what needed to be said. Of course, I didn't take it well; even objective criticism, with my best interest at heart, I regarded as a personal attack.

It was inevitable.