Saab: A Short Story

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Sheesh…the length that I go to when I need to write.

This was originally written on the bus. When I saw the man next to me writing in a tablet, I offered to buy a piece of paper and a pen from him.

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After a brief look of bewilderment, he kindly gave me both for free. To answer your obvious question: my phone died. My next obstacle was finding a suitable writing surface. The cloth covered seat next to me seemed my only option, so I took it; and probably appeared every bit as insane as I am.

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Switching to my knee surprisingly helped with the writing, but now for the story. I have a gravitational field that keeps trouble orbiting. I woke yesterday morning with just enough problems. My life was a daily struggle, but I was managing it and it was improving noticeably.

Saab Story

Then, as I turned onto my street, as I done many times before: a car plowed into me sideways. I felt it before I saw it. Before I could get out of my car, the other driver was already at my window screaming obscenities at me. I could smell alcohol on his breath. One blessing was that it happened near a church and the pastor and another woman from the church came out and kept things from escalating, called the police, and comforted me.

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LG Jan ". Meanwhile, Saabine is in an acceptable condition and I move you almost daily with care and great joy Thanks to Jan for his Saab Summertime Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab? Whatever it is, write us.

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  5. We thank you, supported by the Orio Germany GmbH, with Saab literature and saabigen little things for each published article! When the station wagon came onto the market, I always said to my colleague, "This is just a nice car. In the process, I even became a Saabfahrt training with my colleague.

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    Bright sunshine, temperatures above 25 degrees and chic convertible as far as the eye can see. The penultimate weekend started the now 6. Convertible Rally of Saxony. Every year during the autumn holidays we plan to go to Belgium to the North Sea. A hotel in De Panne was booked for five days.

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    We planned to travel the route relaxed with our Range Rover because he was the perfect one. Exactly this turbo coupe, so the later model years, is my absolute favorite SAAB.

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    I have already written elsewhere, the I is one of the few cars that actually became more and more beautiful with each facelift. Skip to content Saab fans and their cars. September September reader contributions saab Min read.