Sigmund Freud (Filosofia per tutti Vol. 8) (Italian Edition)

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La parola creatrice in India e nel Medio Oriente. Pisa: Giardini Editori, Saint John of the Cross. Peers Edgar Allison. Westminster, Maryland: Newman Press, Sini, Carlo. Anteselva, Bolzano. Monologo a due voci sul teatro , Ha conseguito un Ph. I suoi campi di ricerca sono la semiotica del cinema, il teatro sperimentale, la letteratura italiana moderna e contemporanea e la filosofia continentale. Vedi la notizia bibliografica nel catalogo OpenEdition. Mimesis Journal Scritture della performance. Sommario - Documento successivo. Francesco Chillemi.

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Sue Carter, Mattie Tops Individual differences underlying susceptibility to addiction: Role for the endogenous oxytocin system Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior Existing research has mainly focussed on the role of neurotransmitter systems in drug effects and the development of addiction. Different drugs acton different neurotransmitter systems, but nearly all drugs of abuse eventually result in an increase in dopamine in the mesolimbic dopamine system reward pathway. Neurotransmitter systems that are key to drug effects are the dopamine system for example, stimulants and MDMA , opioid system heroin, codeine and alcohol , serotonin for example,MDMAand hallucinogens , GABA and glutamate for example, alcohol and benzodiazepines , and the cannabinoid system cannabis.

Beyond their role in direct drug effects, many of these systems seem to be involved in susceptibility to the development of addictions.

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Nicole A Vincent Restoring Responsibility: Promoting Justice, Therapy and Reform Through Direct Brain Interventions Crim Law and Philos —42 Direct brain intervention based mental capacity restoration techniques—for instance, psycho-active drugs—are sometimes used in criminal cases to promote the aims of justice. Some also suggest that such interventions might be used for therapy or reform in criminal legal contexts—i. David W. Law has irrevocably entered the age of neuroscience. Various institutes and conferences are devoted to questions about the relation between neuroscience and legal procedures and doctrines.

But some versions of reductive neuroLaw are frightening. Paul S. Appelbaum, Nicholas Scurich Impact of Behavioral Genetic Evidence on the Adjudication of Criminal Behavior J Am Acad Psychiatry Law —, Recent advances in behavioral genetics suggest a modest relationship among certain gene variants, early childhood experiences, and criminal behavior.

Although scientific research examining this link is still at an early stage, genetic data are already being introduced in criminal trials. As mentioned, the replicability crisis was made possible by deeply entrenched generally accepted practices that did not track with best practices. Frye, in probing general acceptance, does not easily get at best practices when such divergences exist.

Andrea L. Glenn, Adrian Raine Neurocriminology: implications for the punishment, prediction and prevention of criminal behaviour www. A growing body of knowledge shows that criminal behaviour has a neurobiological basis, and this has intensified judicial interest in the potential application of neuroscience to criminal law. It also gives rise to important questions. What are the implications of such application for predicting future criminal behaviour and protecting society? Can it be used to prevent violence?

A Philosophy of Political Myth

And what are the implications for the way offenders are punished? Can substance use disorders be managed using the chronic care model?

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Review and recommendations from a NIDA consensus group. Public Health Reviews, January The chronic illness management approach is still new in the field of addiction and research is limited. However comparative findings suggest that most proactive, team treatment-oriented clinical management practices now used in diabetes management are applicable to the substance use disorders; capable of being implemented by primary care teams; and should offer comparable potential benefits in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Such care should also improve the quality of care for many illnesses now negatively affected by unaddressed substance abuse. John Rumbold Neurolaw and the Future Kaleidoscope. The interdisciplinary postgraduate journal of the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University, November The difficulties with neurolaw illustrate two main points: the benefits of genuine interdisciplinary research, and the pitfalls of simply applying research from one discipline to another. Simply discovering and describing the activity of the brain does not and probably will never provide a definitive answer to whether or not someone should be held criminally responsible.

For this reason alone, neuroscience must be used with caution in the courts. Daniel J.

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Smith, Barbara I. UK Biobank is a landmark cohort of over , participants which will be used to investigate genetic and nongenetic risk factors for a wide range of adverse health outcomes. This is the first study to systematically assess the prevalence and validity of proposed criteria for probable mood disorders within the cohort major depression and bipolar disorder. Methods: This was a descriptive epidemiological study of , individuals assessed for a lifetime history of mood disorder in relation to a range of demographic, social, lifestyle, personality and health-related factors A Minority Report future may not be just science fiction.

Jones, Anthony D.