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Through her books and ministry, Priscilla seeks to connect women with the powerful truths available in God's Word.

How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up - Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes

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More to Explore. Wedding Gifts. Display Stands. This will help encourage you to be bold. Understand that you can. Once the door is open, then share the truth, knowing that the person to whom you. Watch Video Lesson Part 1. When watching the video you will have to pause the viewing during Part 1.

Hand out sample packs. Make sure participants have one of each for in-class. Application During Video Break. Now we're going to have fun with a role-play in a safe environment. Break into pairs.

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Take a few minutes to practice giving each Ice Breaker to your. Here are some suggested phrases that can be used when passing out tracts :. Keep the change. Thanks a million! Watch this! What can "just one person" do? Listen to this incredible true story of how God worked in a. Worth the listen or watching only 9 minutes. Click Here to Watch George Street.

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Keep in mind, whenever you are fearful about sharing your faith, that you can have an. Taking the time to share the gospel will plant seeds in their. How can you appeal directly to the human conscience as you speak to sinners about. How is man at war against God? What Bible verse tells us that we have a God-given. Moody "Soul Winning". Torrey "Tracts". Do not be deceived. Gather in groups of two or three and share the results of last weeks homework assignment. What were. Did you actually hand a tract to anyone as you.

If so, what happened? Did you get a sense of joy or accomplishment in doing this? You may also decide to share this with a class rather than in small groups. The Scriptures give us insight into our enemy. We are told that we don't wrestle against flesh and. That's either true or it isn't. Do you believe that. Or do you think that it is merely your own fears? If you believe that it is simply your mind, then. But if you understand that we. As a Christian, you. Despite this, most of us forget that the spiritual realm is the source of negative thoughts.

For example,. Other things in your life will demand more of your.

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Remember, one of Satan's most powerful weapons is fear. Fear will make you want to stop taking this. So expect him to try to discourage you. Think of that word". Your will in my life. And Your will is that none perish. Determine to continue in the course despite the discouragement, so that you are fully equipped to do.

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God's will. You may have given up on other training in the past -- such as learning how to play golf,. This card is, in essence,. This card will serve as a guide for you to stay on tract as. Don't lose this card! Place it in your wallet so you'll always have it with you.

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We encourage you to print off these "Quick Reference Cards" that you can put in your. What is a good "inoffensive" question to ask to discover a person's spiritual condition? Why is this an effective question? If you ask someone if he thinks he is a good person, and he says that he is, what can. Practice using different Ice Breakers to start a conversation about the Lord.

Hand one. After saying that it is a gospel tract, you. Do you think you'll go to. Do you think that well-written gospel tracts can help to make the transition into spiritual. Do you use them? How else could you or do you bring up the topic of spiritual things? Explain the world's understanding of the word "good. What two things should we be trusting in if we have biblically shared the gospel with an.