The Solomon Kane, And Other Stories:17 Stories by Robert E. Howard

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Smith strikes me as honestly having his heart in the right place, but lacked any real contact with people of other cultures and races.

The same prejudice, and the same inconsistency, are evident in the Solomon Kane stories, but appear much more regularly, since the majority of them are set in Africa. Not all of them — a quarter to a third are set in Europe, with Kane battling ghosts and undead sorcerers and the like. But much of the time he is wading through Africa, an Africa at the very beginning of European colonisation, where beyond the Slave Coast are lands that no European has ever penetrated.

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As the stories develop a consistent internal mythos, it turns out that Africa is not a uniquely evil place; many of the demons and monsters that Kane battles were banished to Africa by other cultures, which drove them out of Europe and Asia. The racism of the Kane stories is born out of ignorance, but slides into hatred all too easily. Named after a wise sorcerer-king and the first murderer, Kane exhibits certain of the qualities of both, and it appears that Howard had a special destiny planned for him.

Kane being civilized is important for several reasons. And three, Kane is wrong about the universe he lives in.

Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane Stories and Poem[s] (not the movie, or works by other authors)

Conan just wants to fight, fuck and loot. But Kane lives in a world where his Christian faith is at best wrong and at worst a complete lie. His very first story ends with Kane committing something like human sacrifice to appease a demon. Robert E. Howard's map of the Hyborian world.

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Joined Aug 21, Messages 6, Here's a place to discuss certain stories by Robert E. Perhaps someone can let us know if I have missed anything. A supernatural element is supplied by the animated skeleton of a Russian wizard who was the victim of a tavern keeper in the Black Forest who preys on suspecting travelers. No, I didn't mean "unsuspecting.

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The tavern keeper means to rob and kill both of them. His form, as he lights the way to the room they will share, seems "to grow and expand in the light of the small candle which he carried" -- perhaps "grow" or "expand" would have sufficed. That night, Kane's companion gets the drop on him, but the tavern keeper kills him.

Then the wizard kills the tavern-keeper. Kane doesn't do a lot in this story, and the Black Forest setting isn't developed even in a perfunctory way. Gideon died, and Ezra left his body where he figured the ghost wouldn't trouble him.