The Tucker Torpedo

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TUCKER 48 - Everything You Need to Know - Up to Speed

From This Story. Sadly, he never saw the seat covers or the car and as a boy I learned a lesson in business. David, Just a fantastic film and information great post! Many years ago in the old Green field at Hershey a guy from western PA. One year we heard all this noise of unloading out of the back of his car. The next morning I awoke to a Tucker engine sitting on a tire for sale!

Not sure where it went to but it went in a hurry! Thanks again David.

An Ultra-Rare, $3 Million Tucker 48 Was Discovered in an Ohio Barn

As soon ass I saw the 3rd headlight I knew what they were. One was blue and one had a Arkansas license plate. A remaining convolution of the Franklin Motor Car Company.

It is my understanding that Preston Tucker bought Aircooled Motors in for 1. This ultimately led to the demise of the Franklin aircraft engine which was certainly a competitive product to Continental and Lycoming. Hard to find parts for also. I found out about Tuckers thanks to that daily comic strip of just old cars that was later compiled into a paperback. Ran back in the 60s and 70s. He hand drew each one. The compilation books are great. They contain both drawings by Tad and images clipped from sales bochures and ads.

IF you were fortunate enough to have experienced being a passenger in a Tucker — just a passenger — then you would understand how special they really were, are, and will be, in the scheme of past, present, or future of automotive designs!!!

Motoring Trailblazers - Tucker Torpedo

I have never been so impressed with anything on four wheels as that impressive vehicle!!! It really was. Proud to own them! I have traded in my last American car for a reliable car that I know, — will not embarrass me to own it. Henry Ford and Charles Kettering, etcetera, are rolling over in their graves. Tucker failed in this regard. The car was innovative as a whole and had some nice ideas and features, but probably would never stand up reliably with time.