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We say to all others who gather here, follow in the wake of the warrior, and you will fair well. Pray tell.

Sitchin Paradigm School

Who else would have been just popping in to do this? I've also read that the planet is stopping by the restock up on Uranium, a vital resource on their planet. I'm a strong Indigo wayshower, and I'm all about Love, this doesnt feel in alignment with me in any way whatsoever, so I'm joining the others in leaving your posts. All the best to you Lauren, hope you can see the truth, how ever it is for you. Love and light. I came to this post to say what I now see someone earlier has said, that if Niburu beings are the ones who altered our DNA, which may be the case, I'm not interested in aligning with them in any way.

That was a highly destructive and loveless act upon us.

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However, Lauren, I am certainly not leaving your readership. I love your posts, your humor, and writing style. I'm capable of taking what I want and leaving the rest. I have been given information about Nibiru some 15 years ago, as well as having been on it in spirit form sveral times. It is not a stationary planet but more correctly known as a "star-galaxy Voyager", from the Heart of the Great Central Sun of Cosmic Genesis. It is not physical in the sense of 3rd dimensional reality or composition. The title of "12th planet" is a misnomer for there are a few other planets in our solar system that are also invisible.

Lauren, as all writers about ascension, is sharing her experience I read the posts here--but the bigger truth is that all is perfect as it is. We came here to go through the dark into the light again--why? You chose this experience and are not a victim to anyone, unless you choose to be a victim. We are ONE with all of life no matter what name or label we give them or ourselves.

We are the Creator and the One in the illusion of separation from the Creator Other planets and beings are not enemies--there are no enemies except what you make up, or believe from another's words. But do what you want it is your choice. Choosing trust all is divine brings many gifts. Some peoples kids. You have read about the Uranium, huh? I would have thought they would keep that a secret if it was real I agree with the ones who say you make your own ghosts, conspiracy theories to keep you awake at night, and enemies to fight imaginary battles in your minds.

If our twelve strand DNA got taken down to 2, which from what I understand didn't happen exactly like that, it was just de-activated to allow us to experience life without it- to grow up into ourselves more fully without the distraction of being gods and everything- then there was a purpose, which you agreed to on some level. Unless you want to be a victim, which makes me wonder why you are on a new age website in the first place.

Radu Cinamar & Peter Moon

I would like to ask, separately from the above paragraph, how this syncs with the 13th zodiac sign that was a big deal a month or two ago in the news? There was stuff in here about the syncronicity of the 12 throughout the horoscope thing and the chakras. Just wondering. Dear Lauren! Thank you for this post that tips the scale away from the negative, fear-based stuff a friend keeps sending me like, we are cattle about to be harvested kind of thing.

Truth is, we are being bombarded on all sides by so many different perspectives of "what's happening now. I know where you come from and I'm right beside you, girl! Many blessings! When you subscribe to Lauren's website, her messages are posted a few days in advance of appearing in SL. Even Zecharia tended to portray this planet as an actual 3D object.

We are the Nibiruans : Return of the 12th Planet

But what I found so enlightening about Lauren's post was that she portrayed this planet as non-3D, but still within the realm of our sensory awareness. Even while reading her post, I had "visions" of geometric-shapes, energies, colors, substance, and beings all appearing. Lauren's description of Nibiru was the first time I read something that truly resonated with me! I also agree with the other readers that there was an evolutionary reason why we agreed to accept 2-strand DNA for a while - we get to experience who we are now!

And just as religion tells us that we "Fell from Grace", then we have to realize that the ancients leaving us these messages were at a higher vibe leaving messages for the lower vibe which we now inhabit.


The reader, Johneblums, brings up another subject I wanted to comment on: other non-physical planets! In studying esoteric astrology, the planet Vulcan is mentioned. Vulcan exists between the Sun and Mercury. We don't "see" it, but it is recognized as an energy vortex. And of course, the asteroid belt is the remnants of Maldek, a planet of higher feminine energy than what we attribute to Venus, but I would like Johneblums to elaborate more on that one, if it is one of the "invisibles" that he mentioned.

Perhaps he knows of others that I do not. Do you have time to share with us, Johneblums? There is plenty of information about Nibiru and the Annunaki on channeled Pleiadian material. You can each come up to your own conclusions!

Imagine play on word switch no more mystery just imagination from the heart FutureNow, good point.