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But in fact the gun laws as currently enforced are stunningly lax and are wreaking havoc in Mexico. It must have been for the purpose of wreaking some injury on Merriwell as he slept. After a while she drew his gaze again, imperiously—herself all unaware of the havoc she was wreaking on his temperament.

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With her waxing strength her desire of vengeance would grow, and together with it the means of wreaking it. To-morrow the whole world would laugh at her, and she was without means of wreaking vengeance. Who or what could restrain an infuriated populace from wreaking their vengeance on the traitor? Past continuous I.

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Present perfect I. Present perfect continuous I. Past perfect I. Past perfect continuous I. Future I.

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Future continuous I. Future perfect I.

Future perfect continuous I. Conditional present I. Conditional present progressive I. For the past year, she had required nightly home dialysis sessions, but the cancer continued to wreak havoc.

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  8. Regardless of its efficacy, the policy wreaks havoc on the civilian population. Hazardous in and of themselves, the fluids that emerged from the female body could wreak havoc in the world.

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    Uthlakanyana goes on to wreak havoc throughout society, tricking and out-maneuvering everyone. Mudie was determined to wreak his revenge on his tory tormentors. Translations of wreak in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool.

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